Satellite Image Processing

Our company have capacity to complete geodesy and geology base survey, topographic maps with medium and high resolution satellite images from such companies, DigitalGlobe, BSEI (TH-1) and BlackBridge:

  • LANDSAT – /Low and medium spatial resolution/
  • RAPIDEYE – /5m GSD/
  • IKONOS – /82cm GSD/
  • QUICKBIRD – /58cm GSD/
  • WorldView 1,2,3 – /50-31cm GSD /

WorldView-3 is the industry’s first multi-payload, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. WorldView-3 has an average revisit time of <1 day and is capable of collecting up to 680,000 km2 per day, further enhancing the DigitalGlobe collection capacity for more rapid and reliable collection.


Very high-resolution:

  • Panchromatic 31 cm
  • Visible & near-infrared 1.24 m
  • Short-wave infrared 3.7 m
  • CAVIS 30 m

The most spectral diversity commercially available

  • Panchromatic band
  • 4 standard VNIR colors: blue, green, red, near-IR1
  • 4 added VNIR colors: coastal, yellow, red edge, and near-IR2
  • 8 SWIR bands: Penetrates haze, fog, smog, dust, and smoke
  • 12 CAVIS bands: Maps clouds, ice and snow, corrects for aerosol and water vapor


  • Mapping /all kinds of scale topographic maps/
  • Road and railways base maps
  • Cadastre
  • Disaster Preparedness/Response
  • Feature Extraction/Change Detection
  • Soil/Vegetative Analysis
  • Geology: Oil & Gas, Mining
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry


Environmentally friendly, economically, save time