In 2013, our company was the first company that measured Chinggis Khaan International Airport and Peace Avenue in UB by  3D Airborne LIDAR (Riegl LMS-Q 560 with camera of PhaseOne) and put the processed data on the market in Mongolia. We are available to make 3D images after measured with airborne laser scanner (LIDAR).

Airborne LIDAR

Riegl LMS-Q 560 Phase One iXA 180
Laser wavelength 1550 nm (near infrared; harmless regarding eye safety) Resolution 10320 x 7752 pixels (80 MPixels)
Operating altitude Up to 1000 m over dry built-up areas at 8 km visibility and 50 kHz pulse repetition rate Pixel size 5.2 ɥm
Laser pulse repetition rate Up to 240 kHz; 120 kHz at 45° scan angle Lens 55 mm
Scan angle range 45° – 60° Field of view 52°
Accuracy 20 mm Colour bands Red / Green / Blue
Sensor Full waveform multiple returns enabled Latest calibration certificate Jun-13
Number of targets per pulse Unlimited Aspect ratio 04:03
Laser safety classifications Class 1 = safe under all conditions of normal use

We have used the equipment Leica ScanStation C10, based on laser scanner technology since 2011. We have experiences that successfully completed several 3D images with that equipment on mining sector and urbanization.

Laser Scanner 

System Performance
Accuracy of single measurement
Position 6 mm
Distance 4 mm
Angle (horizontal/vertical) 60 µrad / 60 µrad (12” / 12”)
Range 300 m @ 90%; 134 m @ 18% albedo (minimum range 0.1 m)
Horizontal 360° (maximum)
Vertical 270° (maximum)
Aiming/Sighting Parallax-free, integrated zoom video