Aerial Surveys

Our company introduced a new technology to take aerial photos from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is called AeroHawk MONMAP AERO-01 in Mongolia firstly. We create large scale topographic maps with high resolution images from by UAV/Drone survey/ AeroHawk MONMAP AERO-01.


      Very high-resolution

MONMAPAERO-01 Specifications
1 Weight 4.2 kg
2 Wing span 2.8 m
3 Flight altitude 50-950 m
4 Power Type Electric motor + Lithium Polymer batteries
5 Operations Semi automated
6 Launch, recovery Hand launch, parachute and skid land
7 Cruise speed 50-60 km/hour
8 Accuracy Spatial resolution 5cm x 5cm
9 Endurance 60-90 minute (available take 3.5km square areas aerial photos)
10 Sensor Sony Nex 16 MegaPixel 15mm Ultrawide Survey lens


  • Mapping /all kinds of scale topographic maps/
  • Electrical route base map
  • Cadastre
  • Disaster Preparedness/Response
  • Feature Extraction/Change Detection
  • Soil/Vegetative Analysis
  • Geology: Oil & Gas, Mining
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry

Environmentally friendly, economically, save time